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Saving lives, both military and civilian, is what being a PARARESCUEMAN is all about. Because of the unique nature of this job, pararescuemen receive exceptional training and qualification in a variety of combat, search and rescue and medical support expertise. Also known as PJs, this group of Air Force elite is the only one in the Department of Defense specifically trained and equipped to conduct conventional and unconventional rescue processes, making them the ideal force to handle personnel recovery and combat search and rescue operations.

To accomplish this mission, PJ's deploy around the world via the air, land and sea into a wide range of environments to extract, treat, stabilize and evacuate injured personnel.

Additionally, PARARECUEMEN are among the most highly trained emergency trauma specialists in the U.S. military and they must earn and maintain an emergency medical technician paramedic qualification throughout their careers.

This medical and rescue expertise, along with their deployment capabilities, allows PJs to perform life-saving missions anywhere in the world, at any time. Their motto, "That Others May Live," reaffirms the PJ's commitment to saving lives and self-sacrifice. Without PJs, thousands of service members and civilians would have been unnecessarily lost in past conflicts and natural disasters.

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